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The academic project work of engineering that includes designing of innovative electrical and electronic project kits improves the technical skills of BE or B.etch students. These electronics and electrical project kits have more demand for electrical and electronic engineering students. Every engineering student should know the concepts of designing, testing and developing the electrical and electronic equipments. Therefore, every engineering student must achieve more practical knowledge by doing some mini and major project works, which are generally included as a part of their syllabus. Understanding about the basic electrical and electronic components is essential for engineering students to design electrical and electronic project kits.

Online Shop for Electrical and Electronic Project Kits
Online Shop for Electrical and Electronic Project Kits

Different applications have become more reliable with the advancement in electrical and electronic technology. By keeping this in mind, we want to create awareness about different ways to buy electrical and electronic project kits, such as offline stores and online shop. These project kits are useful in engineering for electrical and electronic students. You will get the best ideas from our technical experts by visiting our site to know the ideas of electrical and electronic projects.

Online Shop for Electrical and Electronic Project Kits India

In the present days, shopping trends have changed immensely. Therefore, online shopping that help engineering students buy electronic project kits, has grown quickly and become a very easy way for buying as it gives best offers. Though, there are some factors which impact a student’s attitude toward online purchases. But, nowadays, privacy and security are the major problems for the students who prefer online shopping to buy electronic project kits. Even though, there are privacy concerns in online payments for shopping but, students choose online shopping to buy electronic project kits.

Online Shop for Electrical and Electronic Project Kits
Online Shop for Electrical and Electronic Project Kits

Thus, before purchasing electronic project kits through online, they must think about some aspects like price, convenience, trust, and so on. Therefore, to select the particular range of the project price, category and to buy electronic project kits online, you can visit

Buy Electronic Project Kits Online in Edgefx

Edgefx Technologies offers electronic project kits worldwide for ECE and EEE students. Thus, Edgefx technologies have achieved incredible growth by diligently offering many innovative engineering projects in various categories. The main goal of all the projects is to enhance the practical knowledge of electrical and electronic engineering students.

Electronic Project Kits
Electronic Project Kits

The “Edgefx Technologies” offers three different types of electronic project kits: Do-It-Yourself Kit, Ready-made Kit and Project Kit. These projects include Embedded System Projects, Electronics Projects, Robotics Projects, DTMF Projects, Electrical Projects, RF based projects, Solar Projects, RFID Projects and Sensor Projects, and so on. The project kits also include training material, audio and video visuals, etc.

  • Do-it-yourself Kit
  • Ready Made Kit
  • Project Kit

Do-It-Yourself Kit

Edgefx technologies provide DIY projects for electrical and electronic engineering students in different categories like Microcontroller, Robotics, Arduino, GPS, Solar, GSM, etc. Do-It-Yourself Project Kits comprise the guidelines, all various electronic and electrical components, hard copy, audio and video visuals, soft copy material, and devices along with the programming code which is designed to clear all fundamentals about component testing, soldering of each & every component, circuit explanation and much more. These DIY projects are very easy to build without any external help and the main intention of introducing this type of kit is to help the student progress with hands-on experience and practical knowledge while they get themselves involve in the development of the hardware and software design of the project.


Ready-Made Kit

Ready-made project Kit is a plug and play kit, it is used directly and tested duly by a technician team. This type of project kit comes along with the ready made project kit along and other materials like soft copy, hard copy, audio and video visuals, etc.


This type of kit doesn’t contain all the components like the ones available in Do-It-yourself Kit. The cost of the ready made kit is somewhat higher than the project kit, but less than the DIY kit, This type of kit is very useful for those who don’t want to learn soldering and wiring. It offers a simple way to learn about working and operation. These types of projects are preferable for those who want to submit their project immediately.

Project Kit

The project kit comprises a plain PCB (printed circuit board) along with all the components of the project and includes: soft copy, hard copy, audio and video visuals. It doesn’t contain various components like DIY kit, like a tool kit, an additional fully assembled and tested PCB and a ready made project kit. Except these things, project kit and DIY kits possess similar things.

Thus, project kit is very useful for those who have enough experience and confidence of doing soldering and wiring concepts. These types of project kits are very economical compared to other kits. Furthermore, for any help regarding soldering, wiring or for any technical doubts, you can get more details from the CD, DVD and other materials provided with the Kits.

Benefits of Buying Electrical and Electronics Projects Kits from Edgefx

Edgefx technologies offer engineering projects online with a 100% output guarantee. There are many benefits of buying electronic project kits from Edgefx kits and solutions. The benefits of buying a project in Edgefx mainly involve superb online support and customer support through social media like Skype, email, online chat, etc. Edgefx technologies has a large number of dealers all over India and across the world. Edgefx also deal with international students.

Benefits of Buying Electrical and Electronics Projects Kits from Edgefx
Benefits of Buying Electrical and Electronics Projects Kits from Edgefx

Edgefx technologies provides quality customer service for the satisfaction of the customer.In addition to this special feature, there are other features like COD (cash on delivery), free shipping worldwide and 100% money back guarantee are also available. As soon as the payment completes, the product gets dispatched from our warehouse within 48hours through the most reliable courier services for delivery in India and abroad.If you are not satisfied with the service or if you have any technical issues regarding the projects or placing orders, a toll-free free number is always available at your disposal so that you can access Edgefx directly.

Top Selling Projects in 2014 from Edgefxkits

The following is a list of top selling projects in the year 2014 at Edgefx

Top Selling Projects in 2014 from Edgefxkits
Top Selling Projects in 2014 from Edgefxkits
  • Solar Power Charge Controller
  • Raspberry Pi based Programmable Sequential Switching
  • Quiz Competition Sensor for Fastest Finger Press
  • Four Quadrant DC Motor Control without Microcontroller
  • Over Voltage or Under Voltage Tripping Mechanism
  • Underground Cable Fault Distance Locator
  • Sun Tracking Solar Panel
  • SVPWM (Space Vector Pulse Width Modulation)
  • Energy Meter Billing with Load Control over GSM with User Programmable Number Features
  • Railway Track Security by GSM With User Programmable Number Features
  • Sun Tracking Solar Panel
  • Phase Sequence Checker for Three Phase Supply
  • Cell Phone Controlled Robotic Vehicle
  • Solar Powered Auto Irrigation System
  • Fastest Finger Press Quiz Buzzer
  • Industrial Temperature Controller
  • Induction Motor Protection System
  • DTMF based Load Control System
  • SCADA (Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition) for Remote Industrial Plant
  • Traffic Density Sensed Signal Light System
  • Solar Powered Led Street Light with Auto Intensity Control
  • Cell Phone based DTMF Controlled Garage Door Opening System
  • RFID Security Access Control System
  • Soil Moisture Sensed Auto Irrigation System
  • Electronic Eye Controlled Security System
  • Line Following Robotic Vehicle
  • Over Voltage- Under Voltage Protection
  • Arduino based Underground Cable Fault
  • Arduino based Home Automation
  • Pick N Place Robotic Arm and Movement Controlled
  • Vehicle tracking by GPS – GSM
  • Wireless Power Transfer

Where to Buy Electronic Components Online in India

The list of online stores to buy electronic components in India is given below. The following stores offer amazingly versatile choices for you to place an order, including cash on delivery, credit card and debit card payments. And also, these stores deliver the components through traveler services like DTDC, FedEx, etc.

Where to Buy Electronic Components Online in India
Where to Buy Electronic Components Online in India

Therefore, these are the essential electrical and electronic components employed for implementing various electronic and electrical projects. We believe that you might have got a better understanding of the topic discussed above and hope that you have gotten an inspiration out of such explanation. Apart from this, if you have any doubts relating to this text or testing these elements in a very sensible circuit and their aggregation procedures, you can give your feedback by commenting within the comment section below.

This is all about Edgefx kits and solutions. If you are keen and worried to get your own project done or want to develop your own new project, then Edgefx Technologies is always there to help you. All you need to do is browse the company’s website and then select the project.  In the meantime, don’t forget to mention your choice of the project category in the comment section below, and of course, the feedback as well.

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