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Soccer or football is a one type of sport played between two teams, where each team on the soccer consist of 11 players and plays with a spherical ball. Soccer is the world’s most famous sport played over 150 countries. Soccer game is played on a rectangular field with a goal at each end. The main concept of this sport is to score by getting the spherical ball into the opposite goal. The goal keepers stops the ball with their arms from the outfield players. When the team gets more score at the end of the match, then that match will be declared as a win. But, at present robot technology offering many services in the field of robotic vehicles, intelligent systems, soccer playing robots, etc. This article discusses about soccer robot and its working.

Soccer Playing Robot

Every year Soccer playing robot participates in the competition held annually. The main concept of this competition is to promote robotics in every field. A soccer robot is a one kind of mobile or autonomous robot, used to play soccer with variants. Every year there are many tournaments are organized like FIRA, Robocup. At present, the RoboCup contest has various soccer leagues like Simulation, Small Size, Middle Size, Four Legged and Humanoid.

Soccer Playing Robot
Soccer Playing Robot

Types of Soccer Robots

The soccer robots are available in two types such as Qfix-Soccer robot and Graupner RC-Soccer robot

Qfix-Soccer Robot

The Qfix robot is used in schools for teaching robotics. This type of robot is also used for Robocup junior which includes a control board, Atmel controller, a dribbler and a kicker. The programming of these robots can be done using the compiler GNN GCC from the personal computer. These robots are frequently used in the Robocup competitions for juniors where soccer playing robots are built from the components of the kits.

Qfix-Soccer Robot Qfix-Soccer Robot


Graupner RC-SOCCERBOT is a one type of mobile robot designed by qfix. This robot is used as a radio controller doll playing soccer with ping-pong balls This robot can be implemented to gain experience using C++ programs on this robot.


Soccer Playing Robot Working

The Soccer playing robot is high competition for industries, universities and research institutes. Every year there are many tournaments are conducted and the biggest tournament was the German Open RoboCup. Worldwide, there are more than 80 teams are expected to contest at the Hannover Messe. In a soccer playing robot matches, a series of many leagues will be placing the latest technologies on the display.

Soccer Playing Robot Working
Soccer Playing Robot Working

For a robot, playing of soccer is a highly complex attempt. The Robot must be able to constantly identify the ball. There is a high tech equipment is arranged to scan the robot’s surroundings. Internal processors of the robot can change the data to define game policies and strategies of defense. An

An advanced engine lets the automated players to race across the field and suddenly fake out their challengers. There are 9-leagues where each league has its own technological focus. In the middle size league, soccer robot gets around on wheels. A goal keeper and four players contest for every team on a pitch with soccer goals.They must be able to perform independently and are inbuilt with internal camera systems that process real time information.Soccer robots can move up to 2meters/seconds.

RoboCup Junior
RoboCup Junior

There is an own competition for the soccer players under 20years called RoboCup junior. This competition starts at the same time as the senior tournament. In addition to playing with a soccer robot tournament, the future generation of robot scientists will be challenging in the competitions of RoboRescue and robot dancing. These two are very famous, because every year, nearly 300 teams have registered for the competition. To take part in Hannover, every team must succeed as one of three tournaments. The Junior soccer robot cup is a very famous sport and it gives very interested as well as technical degree courses. This tournament can be organized by the Information Systems IAIS in Sankt Augustin and Fraunhofer Institute for Intelligent Analysis.

Rules for Soccer Playing Robot

The complete rules of soccer playing robot are very complicated as well as long. Here we are providing some Australian rules

Size of the Robot

Your complete soccer robot should fit into a tube which has 22 centimeters high and 22 centimeters in diameter. Weigh of the soccer robot will be less than one kilogram

Size of the Team

The size of the soccer robot team consists of two robots

Robot Control

Controlling of the robot using the remote is not permitted


The rules of the Australia introduce a league, namely Novice for the beginners who cannot have experience in playing in junior soccer more than two years. Students who are not suitable for this league can participate in the open class which has low restrictions compare with Novice

Commercial Soccer Robots

Commercial soccer robots will not be performed unless they have been significantly adapted by the students.

Thus, this is all about soccer playing robot, working, types and rules of the robot. We hope that you have got a better concept of this article. Furthermore, any doubts regarding this concept or robotics projects, please share your feedback by commenting in the comment section below.Here is a question for you, what are the applications of a soccer robot?

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